Product 3D

These products were recreated in 3D for Teak wristbands to be used on Amazon.

Pachari Monument

An entire 3D environment to accompany Cody's contest winning character for World of Warcraft. Click play to be able to explore it in detail for yourself.

Pachari Shrine Bearer

This is the character that won first place at the annual Blizzard Student Art Contest. This contest called upon college and university students to create epic World of Warcraft-styled environments and characters and share their vision of Azeroth.

Concept to Reality

This a Salamander-Dragon from it's concept then modeled, painted, rigged, and animated all by Cody.

Immersive Animations

This After Effects design shows all the skills of creating intricate characters and a completely immersive environment. There are many small animation details, can you spot them all?​


Here are a few more creative 3D creations.