Shane Harder, founded Mysterious Media with the goal of consistently delivering high quality imagery no matter what the circumstance. While that remains a foundational element, over the years the relentless desire to continually deliver more and establish Mysterious Media as a dependable asset to any marketing team has lead to a focus on continually improving. To continually focus more and more on what messages the media is sending, to tell better stories, and ultimately touch the hearts of those who experience it. Our obsession is to always deliver what was promised within the established deadline, to deliver regular project updates even when not requested and essentially use the golden rule as a guidebook to how we do business.


From simple images that convey a clear message to simple billing and simple communication. We believe the best way to develop amazing working relationships is by keeping things simple. So even though the production is anything but simple, we make everything as simple as possible for our clients and their audience.


In our portfolio section we’ve hand picked videos from different categories and industries to give an idea of what’s possible. 


Nearly everything we create is custom. So it’s hard to have a specific rate for everything when every project has different requirements. However, we’ve done as good of a job as possible to deliver fair and accurate rates. Most jobs have a bid associated with them so clients are never surprised by the bill.

Our Team



I started Mysterious Media 10 years ago. I conceptualize, storyboard, pre-produce, shoot and direct.


Voice Over

I can create nearly any sound, cartoon character, or celebrity voice.


Music Composer

I compose music of all kinds. Video game loops, feature film scores, commercial branding videos.



I shoot and edit video. I love bringing the story together!



I’m love creating things in 3D and making them move. My specialty is fantasy characters.


Office Manager

I keep the place in order. I handle billing, book keeping, taxes and a lot of emails.