ADT Lifesaver Series

We’ve been shooting the ADT lifesaver series together with Kineto Pictures in over 20 cities all over the US. They’re real life stories of ADT customers who’s lives were saved by the security system. Here we have a 30 second TV ad that was edited as a mashup of the footage we shot in 3 locations.

Real stories, real lives...saved.

St. Louis, Missouri

Tabitha Taylor lost her house to a fire but not her family thanks to her ADT system. State Farm has covered all the expenses of rebuilding their home. Another happy ending.

Seattle, Washington

Cathy Grainger was able to get out of her home, saving her life and the life of her cat, thanks to her ADT system. Her home was also saved with only damage to one wall because of the speed of the alarm system and first responders.

Fresno, California

Katie was able to get the police to her home to get her boyfriend to stop beating and smothering her with a pillow. Luckily she was able to get to her ADT key fob and trigger the system that saved her life.

Norman, Oklahoma

Gene was able to save himself, and all 3 of their dogs from an electrical fire he didn't know was in the garage thanks to their ADT system and local fire department.

Manheim, Pennsylvania

Rachael Wood was away from her home at a funeral when she recieved a call through her ADT Pulse app that her family at home was in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. They were able to get everyone and all 27 pets out of the house safely.

Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

When a fire started in the living room from a R/C car battery charging, there was no one home to get the Herbert family dog "LouLou" out of the home and call the fire department to save the home. Thankfully they had ADT and the fire department was able to do both while the family was away.

Cimarron, Kansas

When the Slaven family didn't wake up from the carbon monoxide detectors going off in their home, the only thing that could and did save their lives was the ADT monitored carbon monoxide detectors. The ADT dispatcher sent the local fire department and everyone was saved.

Greenwich, Conneticut

The Carrescia family was away when a fire started in their basement, leaving their dog home alone to fend for himself. Luckily they have an ADT monitored smoke detector because the ADT dispatcher was able to send the fire department while the family was away, saving both their dog and the home.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

The carpet cleaner had been working all day in their home with the exhaust from their van pumping carbon monoxide into the home through the garage. Mrs. Brodsky thought it was a false alarm but the ADT dispatcher followed their training and got the fire department there, only to find extremely high levels of carbon monoxide throughout the home.

Lubbock, Texas

The Schoor family was asleep in bed when a fire started in their attic. They had no way of knowing there was a fire there except for the monitored ADT fire alarm which saved their life as the ADT dispatcher was able to call and alert them that a fire was in their home and that the fire department was on it's way.

Milledgeville, Georgia

Dorothy Brown heard her ADT alarm and thought it was a burglar. She was determined to defend herself with her pistol. Luckily she had ADT who contacted the fire and police departments who saved her life from her burning home.

Waterford, Conneticut

When a dehumidifier short circuited in the basement and started a fire, it triggered the ADT monitored smoke detector. Most of the family was helplessly away when they got the news that the fire department had been dispatched to their home. The early warning for the fire department allowed them to save their mothers life and the life of their pets. The house was just fine too, all thanks to a quick response.

Kingsport, Tennessee

Trapper was at home when a kitchen fire exploded out of no where. The toxic fumes caused him to pass out in the quick moments he was battling the fire. Thankfully he had an ADT monitored smoke detector and the dispatcher was able to call the fire department for him while he was unconscious. He surely would have died had the fire department not gotten there when they did.

Harper Woods, Michigan

Candles may seem innocent enough, but they can be deadly as this candle caught fire. The ADT monitored smoke detector caught the smoke far before Carmen even realized there was a fire in her home. The fire department was there in no time to save Carmen and her home.

Southhampton, New Jersey

Like many, the McManus family didn't quite realize the danger they were in when their backup generator had pumped large amounts of carbon monoxide into their home through an exhaust vent. They easily could have died as they were about to go to sleep for the night. Luckily ADT was able to call the fire department and get them to safety.

Baltimore, Maryland

Monica Barksdale had a stroke, she bit her tongue and was drowning in her own blood after hitting the floor. Luckily she was able to contact ADT at the push of a button who sent the fire department out to rescue her from her own home.

Kansas City, Missouri

Nancy didn't quite understand what was threatening her life when the smoke detectors were going off because she couldn't see, taste, or feel anything different. Luckily an ADT dispatcher had called the fire department and informed her to get out of the home to safety as the FD checked her home for carbon monoxide. Both she and her cats are fine today thanks to ADT and the fire department.