Large Campaigns

Our media options cover everything your company needs to stand out from the crowd*.

TV/Web Ads

Custom Bid


We create a visual script of the shots and scene changes for the Ad. A well-defined storyboard helps to ensure that everyone understands the goals of the project and how the video and audio footage should work together.


Getting the right talent to represent your business means finding someone who your target market can relate to and trust. This involves the right look, the right voice and the right presentation of the script. All of this comes through during our audition process.


Getting the right talent to represent your business means finding someone who your target market can relate to and trust. This involves the right look, the right voice and the right presentation of the script. All of this comes through during our audition process.

Production Equipment

You'd be surprised how much equipment goes into a professional production, luckily, we've got you covered. We are always updating our equipment to make sure you get the highest quality available. Professional grade cinema cameras, Camera Monitors, Sound recorders, boom mics, lav mics, Portable studio backgrounds and enough lighting to rival the sun. Oh and don't forget all of the stands, cabling, memory cards, hard drives and batteries to make them all work.


Finding the perfect voice isn't easy and that's why most of our VO comes from one guy who can do almost any voice you need to get that perfect feel to your video. If you still need something different we will find that perfect fit.

Motion Graphics

You might need lower-thirds introducing someone or your product and this is where motion graphics come in hand. We can also do a fully animated cartoon to tell your story. This can also be as elaborate as an animated character.

Location Scouting

Location scouting involves not only finding an environment perfect for the scene but needs to have the right lighting conditions, ambient sound, parking areas for the crew, sources of electricity, and access to the site. We also need permission from the property owners to film there.

Set Building

Depending on the story you want to tell, a few key props might need to be made or even full -scale scenery. These are often custom made from scratch.

Full Productions Crew

Usually includes a Director, Producer, Director of Photography, 2 cameramen, Sound Technician, Grip and Production Assistant.


Capturing the footage is just the beginning of the story. Editing is where story really comes to life. If it was shot correctly in the first place (and it will be), that will help streamline this time-intensive process. We have a great editing crew to give you the best results with turn around times that are faster than industry standards.

Custom Music

When you design the music around the video, all the beats, emotion, and visuals match. Everything looks, sounds, and feels like they were made for each other... Because they were.

Special Effects

Special effects are illusions or visual tricks used in the film to enhance the film or simulate and imagined event. These can happen on sent with set production but often take place post-production to make the video complete and have that perfect feel of believability.

Delivered to Broadcast Standards

Ever platform has different requirements. Whether your ad is placed on TV, your website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. we will make sure it works wherever you may need it.

Branding Video


Branding videos essentially tell the story of a business in the best light possible. They should instill a sense of trust in the viewers eye. They include the following but will likely need to be tweaked to your needs…

Branding Video Includes:

– Pre Production Planning
– Standard camera equipment
– 4 Days of filming
– 1.5 Weeks of editing
– Custom Music Rights
– Motion Graphics
– Full Crew
– Air Travel is Additional
– Fast turnaround time
– 1 Delivered custom branding video

Website Upgrade Examples:

– Company history Video
– About Video
– Humanitarian Aid Video
– Executive Profile Videos
– Mission Video
– Future of Company Video
– Non Profit Arm Donation Video
– Company Culture Video

Website Upgrade

Custom Bid

Most companies have a variety of web pages that get even better when adding video.

YouTube Ads

15% of Adspend

The power of all video is always limited by it’s reach. If no one sees it, it has no power. That’s why it’s important to push an ad campaign behind each video because no matter how viral your content is, it still needs an initial group of people to see it before they can share. You Tube ad campaigns are bid on a month to month basis and billing goes out bi-weekly. Our rate is billed as 15% of the total ad campaign spent.

Training Video Includes:

– Pre Production Planning
– Script reviewing
– Standard camera equipment
– 3 Days of filming
– 1 Week of editing
– Music Rights (if applicable)
– Motion Graphics
– Fast turnaround time
– Travel is possible but additional
– Fast turnaround time

Training Video


Most businesses need good training, creating a training video helps to automate much of that, saving time and money. Here’s what’s included:

Social Media Library

Starts at $800/month

Social media is a massively time consuming obstacle to tackle correctly. One of those challenges is regularly posting new fresh content. Here are options that solve this problem:

Social Media Library Includes:

– Daily Photo Posting, 1 Photo shoot/month with 30 delivered images.
– Monthly, Weekly, or Daily Video Blogs.
– Series of lifestyle photos/videos
– Product testing video series
– Customer opinion series
– 1 Year commitment required

Recruiting Video Includes:

– Employee Profiles
– Workplace Ammenities
– Humanitarian Aid
– Friendly Atmosphere
– Location Perks, great things around the city.
– Community Activities
– Sales Bonus Perks
– Travel Incentives
– Benefits Package

Recruiting Video


Any business is only as strong as the people who power it. A recruitment video can help set a business apart from competition and attract the best people. These are a few points we’d feature:

P/R Campaign

Custom Bid

Depending on the industry, there can be amazing opportunities for news coverage of your brand. Let us share with you what we’ve seen work.

What we’ve seen work:

– Being featured on local news is far more organic than paid ads.
– News is more credible than ads
– News is less biased than ads
– We have a tried and true system that works nearly every time in every market.
– Every industry is different and this will not work for all industries.

Headshots Includes:

– 1-2 Hours of photo capture
– Editing of all images
– Easy cloud based download.
– Option of portable studio at your office.
– Creative photo options available

Corporate Headshots


Head shots are the most straightforward thing we do. We can come to you with our portable studio and set up in your office or you can come to us.

* All video projects include typical equipment for most shooting requirements and a single camera operator acting as DP, Director and grip. To get more shot in a shorter time or for more demanding shoots, we require more operators. Plan on 1 hour setup/take down times.