Whether it’s product photography, big events, head shots or unique creations we’ve got you covered. We’ve traveled all over and shot photos in all conditions from mid day sun to snow blizzard to dark rooms.  When you need quick shoots to multi-day events, you’ll want someone who can handle it all. Take a look at our full portfolio to see what we are talking about.


From documenting life saving stories to filming lighthearted fun our portfolio tells a lot of stories. We love the creative challenge of finding new ways to tell stories and combining it with specific marketing strategies.  We are a creative team that also understands businesses and their needs.


Award-winning score for the celebrated short film DreamGiver

Winner of the 2011 College Television Award for Music—Best Composition
Award presented by Elijah Wood and Jason Gann
Mr. Wood announced: “Tonight’s winner for best music composition blew the judges away with [his] creation, so much so, that they are the only piece being highlighted here tonight.”

Music composed and produced by Lance Montgomery


This is a voice-over that was done for Team USA and Oakley. Can you imagine this video with just any voice? It won’t work. Finding the perfect voice isn’t easy and that’s why most of our VO comes from one guy who can do almost any voice you need to get that perfect feel to your video.


While 3D product and logo designs are our most common request it’s fun to see just how much we can do with 3D. Here is an entire 3D environment to accompany Cody’s contest winning character for World of Warcraft. His character won first place at the annual Blizzard Student Art Contest. Click play to be able to explore it in detail for yourself.