My name is Shane Harder, I founded Mysterious Media 10 years ago. It was built on the simple idea that if I could create the best looking images, people would take notice and only want my content.

Years later I’ve learned there’s so much more to it than that. The business side is often more important. Being a consistent resource people can count on, being a clear communicator on all issues, setting correct expectations, and treating people how they want to be treated. These are all paramount to delivering the best media production possible.

Our Process

Open and clear communication is all part of delivering the best media production experience possible. That’s why we like to lay out the production process we like to take when creating new video content.

Case Studies

In our attempt to be as transparent and open as possible, we’ve created a section in our website to show people real world projects and the final bill charged for that specific piece of content. We’ve protected the privacy of our clients in case they don’t want this kind of information public. This kind of transparency is unheard of in the industry. Feel free to view that section by clicking the button.


Nearly everything we create is custom. So it’s hard to have a specific rate for everything when every project has different requirements. However, we’ve done as good of a job as possible to deliver fair and accurate rates. Most jobs have a bid associated with them so clients are never surprised by the bill.

Our Team



I started Mysterious Media 10 years ago. I conceptualize, storyboard, pre-produce, shoot and direct.


Voice Over

I can create nearly any sound, cartoon character, or celebrity voice.


Music Composer

I compose music of all kinds. Video game loops, feature film scores, commercial branding videos.



I shoot and edit video. I love bringing the story together!



I’m love creating things in 3D and making them move. My specialty is fantasy characters.


Office Manager

I keep the place in order. I handle billing, book keeping, taxes and a lot of emails.