This is a basic starting point and should give you a rough pricing idea for your needs. Most projects are bid individually based on the needs of the project.

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Rates at a glance


Filming day rates run $1,000. Half day rates are $600 and include all equipment. Packages are listed below.


Most photo shoots last 2-3 hours and run $600. They include editing of all images and delivery via a digital cloud service.


Editing rates are $95/hour and includes editing both video and motion graphics.

Voice Over

Rates start at $500 for up to 3 minutes of final recorded time.


Start at $1,000 per song for custom music, but are typically bid individually.


3D models start at $1000 but are always bid individually.

Video Packages

Most videos are bid individually, bids provide all details of what’s included so there are no surprises.  These packages are intended to give added transparency and should give you a rough idea as to how much to expect to pay for the specific video you’re after.

With TV or web ads, we follow our standard production process found on our website. They typically include:

– Storyboarding
– Location scouting
– Casting
– Set building
– Permits
– Full production crew
– All required production equipment
– Editing
– Voice Over
– Custom Music
– Motion Graphics
– Special Effects
– Everything delivered to broadcast codec standards

As default, we send 1 man crews to film smaller projects. But often times that’s not enough. We love working with a larger crew but the project must demand it. If that’s the case, we’ll include it in our bid.

Branding videos come in all shapes and sizes but essentially they tell the story of a business in the best light possible. They should instill a sense of trust in the viewers eye. At $2900, they include the following but will likely need to be tweaked to your needs.

– Standard camera equipment
– 1 Full day of filming
– 3 Full days of editing
– Music Rights
– Motion Graphics
– Fast turnaround time
– 1 Delivered custom branding video

As stated above, the day rate is $1,000 and runs for a standard 8 hours. It includes the following

– Standard camera equipment
– 1 DP who acts as DP, Director, Grip, Sound Tech.

Most businesses need good training, creating a training video helps to automate much of that, saving time and money. Here’s what’s included:

– Standard camera equipment
– 1 Full day of filming
– 3 Full days of editing
– Music Rights (if applicable)
– Motion Graphics
– Fast turnaround time

We have a strategic partnership with a digital signage company that supplies the hardware / software package to implement the motion graphics we design to any tv with an HDMI port. Digital signage is typically found on fast food menus, mall directories or retail shops and includes:

– Creation of the menu from scratch
– Up to 5 changes per month
– Software/Hardware fees
– Ability to change signage of hundreds of menus across the country at the same time
– 1 Year commitment required

* All video projects include typical equipment for most shooting requirements and a single camera operator acting as DP, Director and grip. To get more shot in a shorter time or for more demanding shoots, we require more operators. Plan on 1 hour setup/take down times.