We love Sebo Marketing

We love our partnership with Sebo Marketing. They handle the nuts and bolts of running the campaign, and we create the media to advertise. It’s a perfect relationship. This video will show you some examples¬† of each price tier so you have a clear idea of where you should be for your brand. Below is the downloadable production guide.



What production level should you be at?

To download the guide, right click and select “save image as”.

YouTube Ads - Basic Production Guide

Your Vision

  • You handle the vision, creative messaging, music choice, planning. We make sure it all looks professional.
  • At $2.5k, we send a 1 man crew for up to 1 dya of filming, and 2-3 days of editing with 2 sets of changes. We can get into more specifics of the full list of what’s included on the phone.
  • Past $2.5k could include multiple filming days or locations, travel, planning help, basic animations, additional editing time…etc.

Bang For Buck

  • We Strategically write a concept to create a clever ad without the need for massive production. We handle all production as well.
  • At $5k, we write the script, handle all pre production, up to 1.5 days of filming, 6-8 days of editing and music rights.
  • Past $5k could include permits, casting, actors, more locations, location scouting, voice over, basic visual effects…etc.

Feature Film Look

  • We write ad concepts to create the most impactful ad possible, you pick your fravorite, we handle all production.
  • At $15k, we write all creative, handle all production elements, hire full crews of specialists, everything is done with the highest attention to detail and production level to get the perfect look.
  • Past $15k could include recognized actors, set construction, more locations, permits, location scouting, traveling, pro voice over, advanced visual effects…etc.

*Because of the creative nature of custom video production, each ad is different and is therefore bid with a custom price. The price brackets reflected on this document are intended to be a rough guide and represent a starting point for each production level. Price simply reflects the estimated work required to produce the ad and will be given in writing to the client for approval before work is performed. 50% of the total budget is due before pre production begins on smaller productions and 75% before large productions.